2017 Knik 100 Standings

Click on the links at the bottom of the table to view the latest official standings of teams at each checkpoint.

To follow teams in almost real time as they travel the race course, visit our tracking page at the page “TRACKING”. Please note that information from the tracker is not official.

Bib NumberNameDate /Time OutStart differentialDogs out
1Kristen Marchiliani12:06:00 PM149
2Milley Peresild12:08:00 PM1212
3Travis Schwimmer12:10:00 PM109
4William Curtis12:12:00 PM810
12:14:00 PM68
6Vernald Hatler12:16:00 PM410
7Jacobee Vallentine12:18:00 PM29
8Simone Abbott12:20:00 PM09

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