Live Tracking

Welcome to the Live Tracking page, for the Knik 200 Sled Dog Race!

Dive into the thrill of the race in time as mushers and their teams navigate through the Alaskan terrain.

With our tracking feature you can stay updated as the action unfolds. Receive minute by minute updates on your mushers positions track their journey between checkpoints and keep abreast of any shifts in race dynamics.

Whether you’re an enthusiast of sled dog racing or to the sport our live tracking page provides an engaging experience that lets you immerse yourself in the excitement from anywhere, around the globe.

Don’t miss a heart pounding moment. Come join us on the Live Tracking page and witness firsthand the excitement of the Knik 200 Sled Dog Race as it happens!

MusherCurrent PositionDistance to FinishStatus
John SmithMile 50150 milesRacing
Sarah JohnsonMile 750 milesFinish Line!
Michael WilliamsMile 100100 milesRacing
Emily DavisMile 1200 milesFinish Line!
James BrownMile 14060 milesRacing
Rachel LeeMile 16040 milesRacing
Alex ThompsonMile 18020 milesRacing
Emma WilsonMile 19010 milesRacing
Lucas MartinezMile 1955 milesRacing
Olivia WhiteMile 2000 milesFinish Line!

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