2017 Knik 100 Mushers

1Kristen MarchilianiKennel Name: BOP Siberian Huskies ClB
Sponsors: one anonymous sponsor
Where I live: Canyon Creek, YT
Day job: Semi-Retired
How long mushing:  Since 2002
How I stared mushing: Started Skijoring with one dog, a Siberian x shepherd? in 2002. Till then never even heard of skijoring, that summer stared bikejoring and got interested in the Siberian husky breed and began adding to my team about one per year. 2006 my husband built a sled so I started do that as well as the skijoring and bikejoring. Got more dogs, moved from
Grande Prairie, AB to the Yukon with 8 dogs in 2012 and then my team grew a bit more the last 4 years.
Why am I running the Knik Race: a friend suggested I try the Knik after I did the race so I thought that should be interesting going to Alaska to run a race. I find I learn so much when I enter races so I thought we would try the Knik 100.
2Milley PeresildKennel name: Team Racing Beringiase
Sponsors: Connectria, GoNorth! Adventure Learning
Where you live: Willow, Alaska
Your day job: Dog musher
How long have you been mushing: Since 1992
How you started mushing: I came to Minnesota from Denmark where I from to take care of the sled dogs at Will Steger’s kennel in Minnesota.
Why are you running the Knik race: To enjoy running down the trail with my team.
3Travis SchwimmerKennel name: Ivik Cammels
Where you live: Willow
Your day job: Occupational Therapist
How long you been mushing: 16 years
How you started mushing: my husband, Chuck
Why are you running the Knik race: To see some new territory
4William CurtisKennel name: Stromwatch Siberian Huskies
Sponsors: My wife Chris, John Linnehan & Carol Nash, Carol & Kep Preble, Three Sibes Sewing – Sandy Utah.
Where you live: Knik, Alaska
Your day job: Equipment technician, Hazardous Materials Shipping Agent
How long you been mushing? Since 1982. Sprint, Mid-distance and 1 Yukon Quest and 5 Iditarods with AKC Siberian Huskies.
How you started mushing: Ran Chris’s dogs in a 3 dog rig race.
Why you are running the Knik race: The Knik 200 was my first Iditarod qualifier and my home trails. I thought running the Knik 100 would be fun with out running my dogs too far on too few miles.
Kennel Name:  Shamelessness Huskies Kennel
Sponsors:  my husband (Bill Estelle) and Sarah Alfadl
Where I live:  Palmer, AK
Day Job:  Chief Administrative Law Judge for the State of Alaska
How Long Mushing:  Since 1997; began my own kennel in 2005.
Why I am Running the Knik 100:  Lots of young dogs who have never done a race before that I want to take down the trail plus a few of my old timers who have been running with me since 2010.  I’ve done the Knik 200, but never the Knik 100 so want to have that experience.

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